Monday, 22 June 2009

Final Comic Strip!

This is my final comic design. I came up with the story while watching this thing on TV where this guy was showing all these different animals he finds on the side of the road and eats! It was quite disgusting but i merged that idea with Beavis & Butt-Head and added the type of dialogue they would say. I was also watching alot of episodes at the time for inpiration...

I made this comic using Adobe Photoshop CS3, with downloaded speech bubbles and 'Comic Sans' font. For the backgrounds/environments i took screenshots of some episodes and used them for inspiration.

This comic is appropriate for my intended audience of teens and young adults who like crude and funny humour! I just hope i pulled it off and make people laugh with this comic.

I didn't really hyave any problems making this comic except for the level of detail i tried to put in. I wanted to make it look as close to a Beavis & Butt-Head cartoon as i could and i think it turned out well. As for time, i finished within the limit and managed my time appropriately so i wouldn't get to stressed or anything.

If i were to make this again i can't think of anything i would do differenly. I've shown people this comic and i've had very good responses so far! Everyone seems to like it and i'm really pleased with that.

Another thing... check out the Mike Judge DVD collection! I highly recommend it... ;)


  1. Really cool comic strip. The use of colour is really clever - block colours that would fit straight in with the actual television show. Good use of dialogue, as well. I like the variety of speech-bubble shapes you've used - like some being circular, some being ovular and some jagged star shapes.

    I think my only suggestion would be to have used a wider variety of frame box shapes and sizes, rather than having all of them squared. But that is only a minor thing. As it is, the frames are easy to follow and you can clearly distinguish which scene leads onto which.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Blessed Be.

  2. paha, i like it, first of all i thought you'd nicked images of beavis and butthead off google and pasted them in :P I admire your cartooning skills. Like how it's all laid out too; very traditional cartoon strip.

    Good sense of humour too haha